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I pop up in the most random places. You never know where you’re gonna find me. Every now and then, someone catches me on camera. Often times, these moments are silly and/or priceless. This is my collection of these moments.

TheSocialGeeks: Ep. 45… Creepy!

During SXSWi we came together to do a live video recording of TheSocialGeeks. This happens once a year. We had an interesting discussion on ambient location services.

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Explosions in Austin

I raced home from the taco trailer on the east side, in hopes of beating my friend Michael Cummings to that night’s bar of choice for cocktails. I ran inside, dropped off my bike, and rushed back out the door on … Continue reading

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TheSocialGeeks: Ep. 44… Pimpin’ Pinner

Appeared on another episode of The Social Geeks with Michael Cummings, Jeff Smith, and Chris Miller. On this episode, we talk about Path‘s troubles, Pinterest‘s explosion, and few other hot social topics.

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In high school, I was a thespian. Some things never really go away. Always willing to ham it up with friends during SXSWi.

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I like to dance. And I don’t mind making a fool of myself if I get to strike something from my bucket list. I always wanted to be in a flashmob. Operation: WHAM! from Flash Mob Austin on Vimeo.

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